What Is Jacking Pipe

and how Is It Used In Modern Pipe Infrastructure Projects?

hobas jacking pipe

To understand how jacking pipe is used in modern infrastructure projects, it is first vital to understand what jacking pipes actuaklly are!. Jacking pipe means to install an underground pipe by jacking it through the soil. This is usually done for huge projects such as roadways, runways/ highways, the railways. These are uniquely designed pipes that are jacked with the help of a controlling hydraulic jack and this is pushed behind a shield. At the same time digging is carried out within the shield. This ensure that the pipe install is safe, it is well engineered, watertight, structural with flexible joints and finally last but not the least it is cost effective. The benefits of pipe jacking are that these underground pipes are structurally sound, this provides uninterrupted ground support, and the pipes have minimal and gasketed joints which are flexible. The pipes allow good flow and are relatively maintenance free.


HOBAS pipes can be installed through jacking pipes through remote controlled technology for micro tunneling.  Essentially micro tunneling is better known as trenchless installation of pipes. The technology provided by HOBAS, allows for manufacturing of pipes with high compressive strengths, varied thickness of the pipe’s wall and better-quality pipes. HOBAS’s pipes are so good in quality that it can withstand the force exerted by jacking in various different conditions for several different pipe lengths.


HOBAS manufactures CC GRP pipes. What is a CC GRP pipe? GRP stands for centrifugally cast glass fiber reinforced pipe. HOBAS claims that these CC GRP pipes have a smooth, non-absorbing exterior surface, tight OD tolerances and light weight construction. They also claim that their pipes can be jacked without using timbre spacer rings. These timbre spacer rings are thought to be the fragile connection in pipe installation. HOBAS pipes can be used for infrastructure such as sewer lines, potable water pipe, thermal water pipelines, tunneling, pipe systems such as manholes, shafts, pumpshafts and tanks.