Your Child's School Education

Challenging School Decisions

The greatest challenge faced by parents when deciding on their child’s education is which school they should choose – public or private. Whereas education is more affordable at a public school and a private school is slightly more expensive yet private schooling has several advantages that cannot be ignored.

At a private school, the classroom strength is lesser in comparison to that of a public school which means that a child gets more individual attention from teachers. The higher tuition fees at a private school go into concentrating on the all round development of your child by allowing a child to not only focus on academics but also be a part of extracurricular activities at school. Private schools are also more competitive and have advanced standards of academic excellence. This means that a child has to put in more meticulousness to achieve those standards. Adventist School value systems are stronger and these are inculcated at the onset of your child’s education. If a child has any academic shortcomings they can be addressed at the very initial stages as the student: teacher ratio is less and these problems are identified immediately. Also with a private school education a child’s inclination towards completing higher studies is more probable as they are likely to be more focused on academic competitiveness.

young school studentAll this and more is what Lismore schools endeavour to provide. Our motto is to provide quality education with focus on the one on one style of teaching giving a child personalized education. We at Lismore School concentrate on the complete development of your child by allowing children to participate in extracurricular activities. We teach the importance of having strong values and inculcate dependability in them. We instill a sense of discipline and ownership in our students. Lismore School ensures that children get complete attention from their tutors and they are molded slowly and steadily into fine human beings. At Lismore we attempt to keep parents informed of their child’s academic progress through parent-teacher interactions.

Complete with all modern facilities, Lismore Schools has set the highest academic standards at the same time giving them an environment of safety and care. We understand that every child is an individual and each one needs different levels of attention. Our alumni are successful individuals who have gone on to pursue higher studies at the best colleges in the country - a clear sign of the quality of education and value systems imparted to them at Lismore School.