Planning an Impressive Melbourne Event. Reasons to Consider Hiring a String Quartet

When planning a special event in Melbourne like a wedding, major high society function or corporate event, you want to impress your guests. There are a number of steps that you can take to ensure that your guests enjoy a fabulous experience. For example, you can hire the best caterers for your event, and you can host your event in a top Melbourne venue like the Dome, the Palace Theatre, the Cellars at Donkey Wheel House and more. escala string quartet performingThe right venue can provide you with an amazing backdrop for your event. However, additional details must be forgotten. One of the best ways to truly impress your guests is to hire a string quartet Melbourne. There are several reasons why string musicians Australia are a preferred musical option over a DJ service. 


Live Entertainment
One of the benefits associated with hiring Melbourne string quartets like is that you will be choosing live musical entertainment. When you hire a DJ to provide musical entertainment, you will only enjoy hearing music played off recorded tracks. The DJ may stand off in a corner and spin the music, but you won’t enjoy the prestigious experience associated with having live entertainment on-site as you would when you hire a string quartet in Melbourne

The Sophistication
Live String Musicians Australia can provide you with an improved entertainment experience simply because you have provided your guests with live musical entertainment. You will also benefit from the added air of sophistication that a Melbourne string quartet can provide to you. This is perfect for a special occasion or for wedding music. Considering a string quartet for your wedding - read more at A string quartet may only include a few musicians, but it creates an ambiance that is similar to the ambiance of a live orchestral performance. The experience with a DJ, on the other hand, is more similar to being in a nightclub. When you are trying to impress your guests with a sophisticated ambiance, a string quartet is the clear choice. 

Varied Musical Selections
If you choose to hire a DJ for musical entertainment, the DJ will only be able to spin songs that are included in his musical library. Some of the requests that guests make may be honoured, but inevitably, a guest or two will make a request for a song that is not in the DJ’s library. When you hire a string quartet Melbourne, on the other hand, you will enjoy the benefit talented and highly accomplished musicians at your event. These musicians can take requests and have the skills to perform a wider variety of songs for your guests. This is a great way to ensure that your guests hear the songs they want to at your event. 

When planning a spectacular Melbourne event, you do want to ensure that you pay attention to all of those details that your guests will take note of. One of the most significant details to consider is the musical entertainment for the event. As you compare the benefits of a string quartet in Melbourne against the experience that a DJ can provide, you have an important decision to make. 


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