Types of Water Filters and their use throughout Sydney


We live on a watery planet and most people do not realise that more than 75% of the Earth’s surface is water. Although we are surrounded by water, not all water is good for humans to drink. Humans can’t live without drinking water daily, but again, most people are totally unaware of what is in the water that they drink each day. For the roughly four million residence of Sydney, clean drinking water has been an alarming issue since 1998, despite the city being listed as one of the most liveable places on Earth. If you’ve lived in Sydney for a while then you are no doubt aware of varying condition of the tap water, and either have a water filter in your home or know someone who has one. There are many kinds of water filters Sydney residence like to use and we will go over some of them here.

giardia bacteria in waterSydney water filters are a great way to save money. Over the past ten years various news articles have been published about the quality of the city’s tap water, back in 1998 the city’s water company had discovered parasites in one of its treatment plants and had announced the drinking water to be unsafe to drink. The giardia and cryptosporidium water parasites found in the water usually cause gastrointestinal problems when consumed by adults, but are especially dangerous to small children. Although that was a severe case of contamination, the city’s water supply from time to time has trace amounts of heavy metals like copper, lead and aluminium and other impurities that do find their way into the city’s water supply, without anyone realising it. 

Over all, the city’s water company has claimed that the tap water is safe to drink, despite occasional levels of lead appearing infrequently. The kinds of water filters Sydney residence likes to use have become popular because of these kinds of incidences. 

Types of Sydney water filters used and their benefits over bottled water

Everywhere you go you can see people lugging around bottled water. The bottled water business is nothing less than booming today, but when compared to filtered water at home, there isn’t much difference to warrant the high price of bottled water. Using a water filter at home and filling your own bottles makes sense, rather than buying bottled water at the grocery store. For people living in Sydney here are a few types of water filters that are popularly used.

Charcoal filters – Charcoal based water filters help to remove any heavy metals from your tap water, but they don’t filter out the fluoride or chlorine. 

Carbon filters – If your water tastes a bit funny and has an odour all its own, then using a carbon water filter will definitely eliminate the taste and odour. How does it work? Well, carbon absorbs water contaminants that cause bad odours and taste, leaving your tap water neutral tasting.

Reverse Osmosis water filters – Reverse osmosis filters are definitely Sydney water filters that are commonly used as they can effectively remove just about any impurities found in your local tap water, other than bacteria. 

Ultra Violet (UV) systems – Treating your tap water with an ultraviolet system is the most effective way to ensure there are no unwanted bacteria and bugs swimming in your drinking water. 

Getting seriously health conscious about your home tap water is no joking matter, consult a solution provider today to discover what kind of water filters Sydney companies have to offer that are best for your area.